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Greek style is a Mediterranean style of yogurt that is extremely popular in Europe and the Middle East. It is a full-cream, plain yogurt that is ideal for those that like their yogurt very thick. It is especially good as a base for savoury dips, dressings and sauces or a great low-fat substitute for sour cream, cream or cream cheese. Also good for those that require good sources of absorbable calcium, protein and milk fat. 

No Preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers or other artificial ingredients. Non GM (genetically modified), Wheat & Gluten Free, Halal Certified, Low GI (Glycemic index).

Just sweeten to your taste with 2-4 tbsp sugar, honey (melted), icing sugar, sugar-substitute or fresh fruit 

Each 6oz sachet makes 35oz of fresh yogurt 

Free shipping when you order a case of 8 

Why EasiYo yogurt is so good for you 

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Picture of EasiYo Greek Yogurt
EasiYo Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt Single Pack 6oz
Picture of EasiYo Greek Yogurt Mix x 8
EasiYo Greek Yogurt Mix x 8
8 x EasiYo Greek Yogurt Mix ***FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT***