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Blackcurrants are a superfood and have many proven health benefits. New Zealand blackcurrants are known for their extraordinarily high levels of Vitamin C, and contain an impressive amount of one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, anthocyanins, responsible for the berry’s rich, purple color. These anthocyanin elements are believed to be the most beneficial to overall human health, specifically vision, brain and anti-inflammatory support.

ViBERi offers organic blackcurrants in various styles and sizes. Shelf stable freeze or soft d​ried berries, Or perhaps you may prefer to indulge in our Belgian chocolate covered blackcurrants?
All 100% organic of course.

No added sugar

Gluten free
No GMO used
No preservatives

ViBERi Blackcurrant- Freeze Dried

ViBERi organic freeze dried blackcurrants are full of vitality and vitamins to provide you with longevity and good health.

ViBERi Blackcurrant - Dark Chocolate Rolled

When only the very best will do.

ViBERi Blackcurrant - Soft Dried

Infused with organic apple juice to give a fantastic flavour ideal for guilt free snacking with no refined sugar.