A Licorice Lovers Dream Selection

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Here's a treat for all you licorice lovers out there. A delicious assortment of the best that RJ's Licorice has to offer, sure to delight the tastebuds and just in time for the holiday season!

We have included a delectable array of goodies in this Licorice Lovers Box:

2 x Licorice Allsort 6.3oz bags

2 x Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice 7oz bags

2 x Black Soft Eating Licorice 7oz bags

2 x Raspberry Choc Twist 6.3oz bags

2 x Natural Licorice Allsort 6.3oz bags

1 x Mango Choc Twist 9.6oz bag

5 x Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice Logs

5 x Raspberry Chocolate LogsĀ 

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We've got the perfect treat just in time for the Holidays. Place a bowl of these colorful and delicious licorice treats amongst your holiday desserts and you'll definitely be a hit. Kids love'em, parents love'em and oh yeah, grandparents really love'em! Or why not buy these as a gift and we'll ship them directly to your loved ones.

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