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EasiYo Yogurt Health Benefits

Fresh is best

To gain the full health benefits of yogurt, the cultures in it need to be LIVE. But as these cultures last just days, eating freshly-made yogurt is the best way of ensuring you receive optimum benefits as well as a great taste.There are BILLIONS of these good cultures in each EasiYo spoonful.

Cultures are responsible for milk’s coagulation in yogurt production, and they also help give yogurt its flavour and aroma. They manufacture large amounts of B vitamins and lactic acid, which are useful against unfriendly bacteria. That’s because bad bacteria do not develop in an acidic environment.

These wonderful cultures start to lose their goodness from the moment they have been fermented as yogurt. Next time you're passing the chilled yogurts at your local supermarket, spare a thought for how many days or weeks they have been sitting inside those containers.

Fresh really is best. You don't need to query how old your yogurt is when you've made it yourself, right?


For relatively few calories, freshly made EasiYo yogurt is full of protein, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals to help provide the elements for growth and a good constitution.

Suitable For Vegetarians

All EasiYo yogurts are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans as they contain dairy products.

Non-GM (Genetically Modified

All our ingredients in EasiYo yogurts are specified non-GM.

Wheat and Gluten Free

All EasiYo yogurts are gluten and wheat free. The starch in our Fruit Squirts is derived from corn. Any glucose is dextrose and the maltodextrin is tapioca.

Made in New Zealand

All EasiYo products are made using the finest premium milk powder derived from free-range cows grazing the most pristine and fertile pastures on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. This area is known locally as 'Godzone', because of its untouched beauty and perfect farming climate. We are very proud of this region, and it's a primary reason our milk powder is so special.

Once you've had yogurt as good as EasiYo yogurt you'll wonder why you ever had anything else. It's really that good!

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